Monday, July 20, 2009

Puzzle Pack for Amelie and Atticus

I've been pottering away tonight trying to get a puzzle pack together for Thouraya over at Amelie and Atticus for her photography and craft challenge as a prize for this months winner. If she hadn't asked me to do it I wouldn't have finally got my butt into gear and started figuring out how I want to package the puzzles. As you can see above I have made a sample pouch for the puzzle pieces to be kept in, for the final products I will get proper patches embroidered instead of machining my own. They will also come with a free postcard with the finished image as a guide for the puzzle maker.

If your interested in the Photography and Craft Challenge here is a little info from the blog:

The Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge:

"Launched on 1 July 2009 the challenge is designed to provide inspiration and just as importantly the drive to get stuck into those projects and ideas that have been passing through your mind and not made it into the real world! Each week there will be a challenge to take 4 photos and create 1 craft project in response to the given theme."

It's a great way to get you motivated so send her an email here and who knows you might even win the above featured puzzle!

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