Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspiration: Hélène Ducrocq (FRA) - Elle Demeure

(image source: KaAM)
Hélène Ducrocq is an animation director from France and part of a multimedia collective called KaAM. She is also an illustrator and artist in her own right has a gorgeous portfolio over here!

I was lucky enough to be given permission by Hélène to show their latest creation Elle Demeure which is a stop motion animation made from paper using a technique called Stratastencil.  They have a great website which shows some stills from the film, some process images, serveral films showing the making of the stop motion animation and of course the actual animation!

I have included a few images and one of the making of video's just to give you an idea of the techniques used and what was involved but please do go watch the actual animation here.

Also here is a link to an interview Hélène did with where she explains her inspiration, techniques and education.

Thanks Hélène for sharing!

p.s: I have to mention I saw Hélène's work over at a beautiful blog called Upon a Fold about paper artists.

(image source: KaAM)

(image source: KaAM)

(image source: KaAM)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exhibition - Cat Rabbit

(image source: The Creative Haven)
Okay - this is a partial review until we make it into the city again as unfortunately we were way to early for the gallery thanks to an early rising toddler. We did however manage too get some picks from the outside to entice you into going to visit the magical world that Cat Rabbit has created.

Sponsered by Frankie and held at No Vacancy Gallery at Federation Square this is Cat Rabbit's first solo exhibition Secret Animal Realms. The exhibition features beautiful handmade creatures, embroideries, accessories, zines and of course what we are very interested in - a stop motion animation!

Cat Rabbit has collaborated with Melbourne animator Isobel Knowles to create a whimsical and fantastic animated world. We don't obvoiusly want to reveal much but it was lovely to see Cat Rabbits creations come to life in this film. The animation is showing at the Atrium at federation square while the exhibition is showing.

Please go check out the exhibition if your in Melbourne it will be on from 20th April to 8th May.

Below are a couple of images we managed to get from the outside.

(image source: The Creative Haven)

(image source: The Creative Haven)

(image source: The Creative Haven)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Creative Haven - Blog Makeover

This blog started out as a record of a stop motion animation I had made with my partner Andy a few years back but I have recently decided that I would also like to make this blog into a little hub of information on stop motion animation production in Australia.

The Creative Haven is still our production company and we will (when we make stuff!) be posting about our works but as they are few and far between at the moment I would like to expand the blog to include what people are up to, exhibitions, film screenings and competitions within Australia. Additionally I would like to have an inspirations section which shows independent and indie animation from over the world.

If anyone has any suggestions for film clips or wants to post about an exhibition or event coming up please let me know. You can email suggestions to me at

In the meantime my apologies as there will be a bit of maintenance work happening to update the blog for it's new direction!