Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Creative Haven - Blog Makeover

This blog started out as a record of a stop motion animation I had made with my partner Andy a few years back but I have recently decided that I would also like to make this blog into a little hub of information on stop motion animation production in Australia.

The Creative Haven is still our production company and we will (when we make stuff!) be posting about our works but as they are few and far between at the moment I would like to expand the blog to include what people are up to, exhibitions, film screenings and competitions within Australia. Additionally I would like to have an inspirations section which shows independent and indie animation from over the world.

If anyone has any suggestions for film clips or wants to post about an exhibition or event coming up please let me know. You can email suggestions to me at

In the meantime my apologies as there will be a bit of maintenance work happening to update the blog for it's new direction!

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