Thursday, June 16, 2011

MIAF Feature: Gravity - Darcy Prendergast

(Image Source: Provided by Darcy Prendergast)
Today we are talking to Darcy Prendergast about the music video clip 'Gravity' which he created for muscian Sam Buckingham.

Gravity will be screening at the Melbourne International Animation Festival on Saturday 25th June at 4:15pm as part of the Australian Showcase.

Can you tell us a little about Gravity and some of the concepts and theme’s within the video clip?

To coincide with the cute, simple track, I decided to run with an equally cute, simple concept. Nothing too challenging or visually confusing. Essentially its a love story involving two bright yellow blobs, who are initially frightened by a strong gravitational pull towards each other. Their vibrant nature sets them apart from the bleak, grey 9-5 landscape which they inhabit.

Can you tell us a little about what inspired the look of the music video? What made you decide to use stop motion animation instead of other animation techniques?

Stop motion has that beautiful, inherent tactile quality that just cant be replicated any other way. Its always my first choice, I heart it so so much. As far as the look goes, I wanted to again keep within the simple and cute parameters the song seemed to set. Its no use juxtaposing ridiculously demonic visuals with a song like that- it just doesn't work. I think as a music video clip director, you're obligated to heighten the track- hell, overshadow it if you can. You want the two artforms to converge and form something thats 10 fold more powerful than they would be on its own.

Could you talk a little on the process of developing the main characters and how they came to the final result on screen? Did you have many different prototypes, how did you make them?

I've adopted a pretty visceral approach to character design. I never draw or sculpt with a preconceived image in my head. I just begin, and adjust as I go. If something looks good, I keep it. If something looks crap, I change it. With such uncomplicated characters such as these blobs, its all in the expression and the posture, as you dont have much else to work with. Its boiled right down to its elementary form.

Are there any future projects you can tell us about - stop motion or otherwise?

Hells yes there are! Currently working on a new music video for Gotye, writing a live action TV series and I have a clay animated kids series in development with Nickelodeon, titled the Critter Litter. The other stop motion lads selected for MIAF are actually helping me out with it - incestuous old industry this one :)

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