Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspiration PES Films (USA)

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Some of you (or probably even all of you) may already know about the Director PES (aka Adam Pesapane) but I have only recently discovered him through our interview with MaricorMaricar who listed him as an inspiration and I can see why!

PES is a director of stop motion animation commercials and short films and his work uses everyday objects in such an imaginative and funny way.

There are so many examples that I would like to show you but have selected only a few for this article. If you are interested in seeing more of his work it can be found here.

Thanks to Sarah from PES Films for giving us permission to use these.

Game Over

The first short film is Game Over - I have no idea how he finished this without eating half of the set (the food bits obviously). There is a good interview here with PES talking to the Animation Show where he discusses his inspirations and processes of making this stop motion animation.

Western Spaghetti

The next short film is Western Spaghetti and I think this might be my favourite. I can't believe how imaginative this is with objects around the house - no need to worry about building intricate characters or sets!

The Deep

The last short film I would like to feature is PES's most recent work which is The Deep. Created for Showtime’s online series “Short Stories". There is an interview with Motionographer here where PES talks about the creation of The Deep.

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