Friday, August 26, 2011

Call for Entries: Collaboration with Daniel Louie - Post Graduate Choreographers VCA

I recently received an email from Daniel Louie from the Postgraduate Choreographers of the Victorian College of Arts looking for people interested in a project he is coordinating which could potentially incorporate elements of stop-motion animation. 

If you are interested here are the details - he needs a response as soon as possible as the project will be presented in November.

I'm putting a call out to anyone interested in working on a project that investigates the relationship between architecture, animation and live art/dance. 

Animation required will likely be short, looped material projected onto various surfaces of a building. Possible approaches could include working with stop-motion, photo collage, sketches, or working with light & shadow, to name a few.

The work will be highly collaborative and I will work in with your schedule. Presentation outcome in first week of November.

Feel free to contact me via  email at

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